A letter to the Man who can’t be named

Dearest Someone My Heart used to know, 

Congratulations on earning your master’s degree.

I originally wanted to personally give you a gift on your graduation day but I guess things does not always work the way we planned them.

I want you to know that I am missing you with every pieces of my heart. I completely do not understand why we have to clearly see the good memories we had with the person we just lost, because it can break hearts, you know.

I may not have completely forgiven you for causing me so much pain but my heart can’t hate you that it still wants you to achieve all your dreams.

Right now, our story is full of uncertainties, and we may be taking different paths. Accepting that you might find someone you would love and who would love you isn’t that easy for me yet, but if one day, these different paths we will be taking would let us meet, I hope I can see you happy and gleaming with your cheerfulness just like before when we first met.

But for now, please take good care of yourself.
Please let your heart heal.
And lastly, please forgive me if I may have unintentionally hurt you and caused you pain.

I will be celebrating your success from a far. That way, we can still have our happily ever after even if it means we have to fulfill it separately.

I love you and I will be missing you everyday.

Until then,
The girl you used to promise forever.


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